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Magical jumping creature, furry adorable big-eyed animals... and Excellent conversationalists?!
According to recent study published in Animal Behaviour, it turns out humans aren't the only ones that have to bring up the weather AGAIN.
Lemurs have “vocal exchanges” when they’re out foraging for food or traveling. Just light chatter in between their day-to-day activities.
They found that when the primates would call out, only those that had established some level previous connection would answer back. For example, I don't just "Hey guys!" to people on the subway. But I might say wassup to a coworker.
Why do we consider comparing it to human "small talk"?
"...they are little noises that don’t provide much information — but they do help reinforce the animals’ social bonds" reported in Animal Behaviours.
So just like humans, the noises have no meaning. BUT they do remind us that "hey! at least the other creature is trying!"
So thank all those people in your life that are at least trying with small talk, it means they really do care. (and are also reinforcing your social bond.

How do you handle small talk??

This is both the coolest and cutest fact of the day ever!
true. I appreciate small talk. it's better than no talk or too much talk. aww.. that lemur with lollipop, sweeet!
@sophiamor lemurs are so cute, I don't think they would have to say anything to keep my full attention!
I can't get into small talk. I either feel a connect right away or I dont. However, if a lemur tried to strike up a convo with me I'd be all ears!
I am no good at small talk, I wonder what that says about me!
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