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It looks like Chanyeol is scared of Kris saying you+me=Sex. So, It's been awhile since I wrote anything. I blame it on school, work and laziness. Suga been rubbing off on me lately. So, here you go, there is more to come.
***************************************************************** Recap: I slept over EXO's dorm and slept in bed with Kris and Chanyeol. Found out that Kris, Chanyeol, and I made it on the front page headlines. What I want to know is who took that picture?
Suho tells the group to get ready because they have to go to the meeting in 20 minutes. He gives me a small smile and gets up to go to his room.
I head to Kris's room to change back into last nights clothes. I felt a hand grab my upper arm and turn me around. Kris looks at me, knowing we have spectators, he let's go of my arm and tells me that he laid down clothes for me on the bed. I nod and turn away to go to the room and change.
After I change in over sized sweater and baggy skinny jeans, I grab my clothes and put it in a bag, I shove my heels in there. Lay lends me a pair of shoes. Lay, Kai, Chen, Chanyeol, and me are waiting in the foyer, when Sehun comes in the front door, panting, and grabs me and says, "You can't go out there, there is a lot of cameras and reporters out there." I look back at them, my face exactly like theirs, panicking.
Kris and Suho look at each other in the living room, Kris looks at me and says, "Jinny, you have to say here until we leave and the reporters follow us. That way they won't know you're here. I'll call a private car to take you back to your hotel room." Suho nods and says, "Make sure you lock the front door, and leave the key under the third potted plant." I nod to agree with their plan.
10 minutes later, I look out the window and see that the coast is clear, I see the private car waiting outside. I grab my stuff and lock the door and put the key under the potted plant. I run to the car and hop in. He calls my name and I respond with a yes and he drives off in the direction of the hotel. I grab my cell phone and unlock it to call Jasmine, when I notice something peculiar on my wall screen. Its a photo of Kris leaning over a sleeping me. It made my heart flutter. Last night was the happiest night of my life.
I call Jasmine, no answer, I left a voicemail, telling her to meet me at the hotel and call me immediately when she receives this message. Next, I call Julie. She answers after the second ring.
Julie: Hey, Jinny! How was last night?
Me: It was great, but umm did you see the paper this morning?
Julie: No, why? What happened?
Me: I'm in the front page and I need your help to find out who took the picture.
Julie: Of course, I'll help you.
Me: Ok, I'll be there in 5 minutes. Meet me at the lobby.
Julie: Ok, see you in a bit. bye
Me: Bye.
I locked my phone and looked outside the window, trying to figure out who took the photo. I see my reflection on the window, I wonder if the guys are having a bad meeting. We pull up to the hotel, just as I was about to text Kris to see how it's going. I thank the driver and he nods, I get out of the car and walk to the front lobby and look around and see Julie coming down the elevator.
Julie looks around and locks eyes with me and meets me halfway, as do I. I hug her and she leads me to the closest bathroom, pulls me in and locks the door behind her. I tilt my head, confused. "What's going on?" I said. Julie puts her ear on the door and feels that no one is on the other side of the door, looks at me. "There are reporters on our floor, showing pictures of you, Chanyeol, and Kris.", Julie said. I nod and pull out my phone and show her the picture that's on the newspaper.
"I was looking at the angle of how the picture was taken and in where it was taken, it looks like the building we were in last night. Don't you think?" She grabs my phone and zooms in and out, trying to figure something out. After what felt like an hour, but really was 10 minutes, Julie squeaks out an unintelligible word. "I know who it is!!!" My eyes widen at her proclamation and ask her who was it. She shows me the picture and using her finger points out, who it was.
"Omg, I need to let Kris know. Wait until I get my hands on that ...." my phone rings, I look down and see my sister's phone number. I answer it.
Me: What took you so long?
Jasmine: What? What are you talking about? Why did you call and leave that message?
Me: I'm on the front page and I need you here with me, to figure out how to solve the mess I'm in.
Jasmine: Why are you on the front page? What did you do?
Me: I'll tell you all about it, once you come to the hote...actually, scratch that. Where are you? I'll meet you there.
Jasmine: I'm at XXXXX street. It'll take you at least 30 minutes to get here. Why can't we meet in the hotel?
Me: Because I'm being followed by reporters, their sniffing around here, trying to find me. I'm locked in the hotel bathroom with Julie. They'll find us sooner or later. SO, can you please stop asking questions and I'll text you when we are close. Ok? bye.
Jasmine: Wha...
I text Kris about our discovery and he doesn't believe that the person he trust would do this to him.
Me: You don't trust me?
Kris: No, it's not that I don't trust you, its just, I can't believe it.
Me: Well, you better believe it and I'm going to get proof. Don't even text that Mother-Father that you know something about it. Don't even write to them. If you do, I can't trust you. And if I can't trust you, whatever we have at this moment will be lost forever.
Kris: Jinny, don't be like this, please. Their a good friend, maybe they had a reason to do this.
Me: A.) good friends don't create scandals towards their friends. B.) I'm not being like this because I want to, I have to. C.) I like you, Kris, but if you were to choose your friend over me, we have a serious problem. I know that you don't know me for that long, but you should know that I don't take these things lightly. Well, I'll see you later.
I turn down my ringtone, so I don't have to hear him message me back. I look up to Julie and I explained to her my plan to get evidence of who it was and why they did it. Julie nods at me, agreeing to my plan, walks over to the door and unlocks it. Pops her head out and gives me a thumbs up to let me know the coast is clear. We rush outside to the lobby and quickly go outside and hail a taxi cab. Julie gives the directions to the driver and we arrived there in 20 minutes.
We paid the driver and stepped out of the car and walked up to this 2 story house, Jasmine opens the door and we follow her in. I explained everything to her, the picture, the texts between me and Kris, and the plan to get evidence. She didn't agree with the way I talked to Kris, but she can see from my point of view. "What good does it do if we find out who the culprit is?" Jasmine says. I just stare at her, "Do you not see K-dramas? Anyways, the reason is not to only get her to stop posting pictures and slandering EXO, its also to show Kris that this person isn't to be trusted." I said, getting riled up just thinking about it.
I looked around trying to relax, "Where is my future-brother-in-law?". Jasmine smiles and says, "He left a few minutes after you came, he had to go back to the base. I'll get to see him in 2 more days." 'I know that face, someone got lucky last night. Well, good for my baby sister. I hope he is good and kind to you, you deserve it.' "Alright, enough with the chit chat, I have to call reinforcements to help me carry out the plan." I said, whipping out my phone and tapping away like my life depended on it. Jasmine and Julie looked at each other, then me, "What reinforcements?" they said in unison.
I looked up and said, "Well, of course I need to let the EXO members know that I need their help to catch who did this to them, to me, to us." I looked down as I've gotten many pings from my phone. "They agreed to help. All I need now, is sleuthing clothes to make this legit."
Jasmine laughs, "Really? Sleuthing clothes? why not undercover or something?". I just looked at her and face palmed. "Tonight is the night where the truth shall be set free. And hopefully, no violence will occur unless it's me, kicking some ass."
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