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I can only laugh at this webcomic so much because when people don't get as excited over my dog as I am when I upload pictures of her, I take it a little personal.

What are you sick of seeing on Instagram?

For me, I'm over the whole 'Look at this artsy view of my feet standing on a floor of an interesting place!' motif. You know who you are, ya damn hipsters.
Uh oh.. Hit a soft spot with @YumiMiyazaki 馃槒 Just like @twistedPuppy, I'm over the insta popularity contest.. I particularly don't like never-ending self-absorbed "selfies" that serve no purpose or creativity. They only inspire to maintain self esteem.. Until the next selfie! *unfollow* 馃憢馃徏馃槅
lol I don't care for like in insta anymore lol
Being half hipster on my mom's side, I love taking pictures of my legs and feet on artsy, floors. It's part of my heritage. Ever since the 1940s when my family immigrated from New York, we made our monnies taking artistic photos of ours and other people's legs and feet. Lol.
I honestly have no idea how to use my instagram.
@YumiMiyazaki Buhaha, this sounds like it's going to turn into an epic based-on-a-true-story movie where people immigrate to New York City and take pictures of their feet.
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