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The Baby Naming Begins!
Okay guys! @YinofYang and I thought about listing the possible names for Kardashian-West baby..Lol and we need help! (and have fun doing it!) Lol! Kimye? @YinofYang says Kandy Lol what else? @blairwitme @miranpark88 @Reyam @saharjalpari9 @neaa @cheerfulcallie @RayleattRaime @kristenadams @pixiececi @PrincessFaarsi @oj1992 @katieloidlei Feel free to join in everyone! XD
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@vondale yess.. Too bad! Kayla would've been much more acceptable than North..lol @oj1992 PS sis.. they're NOT MARRIED!
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@shoenami oh yeah i forgot ! : )))
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@shoenami I know they have the ugliest name ever
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@vondale.. lol yeah.. @oj1992 they're forgettable..lol
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