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So, there has been this awesome challenge going around on Vingle about creating a card about how weird you are! Special shoutout to @danidee for coming up with this awesome challenge. And thank you @Chrisingularis for tagging me for the challenge.

Here are the rules to the challenge.

1) Create a card with “Why I’m Weird in 5 GIFs in the title. 2) Tell us your five biggest quirks/strange facts about you with GIFs (or if your phone can’t do GIFs, funny pictures work just fine too!). 3) Tag around five friends to do the challenge next!

My favorite color is pink.

A lot of my friends make fun of me for this…but why can’t guys like pink? I have pink sneakers, pink bands, pink pants, pink shirts…the list goes on. And I can proudly say my favorite color is pink.

I like to sing really loudly when there’s no one around me.

I bet a lot of people do this, but I love doing this especially when I’m walking somewhere. I would check left, right, forward, back and if there’s no one in sight, I’ll just blast out singing a random tune that ranges from hymns to rap, just about anything that comes to mind.

Imagine myself in tough sports situations.

I know a lot of people used to do this when they were young: pitching in Game 7 of the World Series at the bottom of the ninth inning, taking that winning buzzer beater in Game 7 of the NBA finals, etc. The only thing is that I still do that. I love imagining myself in tough situations while I play sports. It just makes it so much better!

Pull random all-nighters.

This is probably an unhealthy habit that I have…but I like to pull random all-nighters. Although I love sleeping, I sometimes just don’t want the day to be over so I would watch a full TV series, or even go outside to play a game of basketball. Just last Friday, a group of my friends and I went to a basketball court at 4 in the morning to play a game of B-ball and pick up McMuffins. We ended up going back home around 8 in the morning.

Just walk around without any purpose.

I love walking. It really helps me clear my mind and even if I don’t have a place in mind, I would just walk around. I love watching people pass by and sometimes, I would run into a few pleasant surprises on these random walks, such as a small cafe that I’ve never seen before. And even if I don’t find anything new, I love walking!

That is it for me folks!

I would like to tag @KyleBerke @Bobs @GinnaL13 @Starbell808 @shagnasty360. Tell us why you guys are weird!
haha I'm a stealthy singer too XD
Lol oh yeah I sing too for no apparent reason lol.... And the sports situation, I do that too but I think of in game situations and practice that scenarios
I appreciate guys that are down with wearing the color pink. I feel like guys are always so embarrassed to embrace certain colors they've deemed too girly, but that's so lame!
Very nice😊
@shannonl5 I guess I wasn't the only one then!
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