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Rule #1: Never ever ever call him "oppa" before you're ready. After we had been consistently talking and meeting for 3 weeks, I slipped up and typed "Oppa, fighting". Without thinking, I sent it and his reaction speaks volumes (see screenshot). "Oppa" can have some negative aspects to it. It has a range of meanings from being responsible, protective, to having more power, status, and right. Once you say it, you can't take it back. Oppa loves~~ to be called oppa and even talks about himself in the 3rd person, just to try and make me say oppa more too. Him: "Oppa loves you" Me: -smh-
Stereotype That He Meets 100%: He likes to match. Thankfully there have been no matching outfits yet, but if we accidentally wear the same color, he'll make sure to mention it ("Couple color~"). Also, he matches my steps when we walk (sometimes on accident), but if I really want to tease him, I'll double step and he'll struggle to catch back up.
LOYAL...almost to the point of clingy. He is great at keeping in touch. He texts AND calls me every day (Even though I keep telling him that we don't have to call if we already spent 4 hours together in person.). Needless to say, he is NEVER MIA. I can wait an hour or 3 to answer him and he'll still answer within 5 minutes of my reply. He even wakes up in the middle of the night if I send a late reply. LOL!!
Stereotype He Meets 1000%: Jealous af. In Korea, men and women "can't be just friends". I always have to assure him that the guy on my phone is a guy from a kpop group saved as one of my girl friends contact pictures (Cuz yeah, I'm def getting a call from Kookie -_-). He's even jealous of my gbf who would never make a move on me. (Screenshots from the night I went to coffee with the gbf at 11p.m.)
First date! Be cute! Because if you aren't, he will outshine you. Korean guys dress up for dates especially first dates. He showed up in a blazer and collered shirt with slacks for our first date. I have to tell him to dress casually, so I can wear jeans.
FALSE STEREOTYPE! It doesn't take 15 episodes to get that hand hold. In fact, you'll have to tell him to slow down. The first "saranghae" popped out way before I was ready. (I just smiled and nodded, but more recently he told me how sad he was that I didn’t say it back.) Korean Guys are touchy. Like arm over your shoulder as you want, cant let go of your hand cuz who knows why not, and kisses on any nearby body surfaces at all times. BUT NEVER IN FRONT OF THE FAMILY!!!
Food, food, food, and did I mention food? Koreans eat a lot! Like a lot. But, they dont like if you eat as much as them (because then you'll instantly get fat or something). But, that won't stop him from trying to stuff you with food at all times. ("Here, have some of mine." "Want oppa to buy you food?" "Chocolate for my sweetie.") P.s. He'll probably take pics of your food if he's like my bf...all the time. Way to his heart=let him eat from your plate and his OR even better, place some of your food on his plate. If you're lucky, you'll get a guy that loves to cook like mine. Did I mention they eat a lot?
Korean Boyfriend's Family They either love you or hate you for no specific purpose. Don't act like you know about their culture if you really don't and accept that you are an outsider. If he loves you, he'll help you through it. The oldest aunt/uncle will determine your fate (not really, but kinda). Be as nice to the oldest aunt as you are to his own parents.
Gifts! Prepare to be spoiled. Small things here and there, food all the time (He likes to pay and I have to fight him to pay for at least my half sometimes.), and gifts on all the holidays he can come up with. But also, get him something every now and then. Hell love it and prob make it his profile pic. (Ex: cookies pic.)
Start Counting Days Cuz I promise he is counting. Mark dates down somewhere because he will remember the smallest details and hope that you remember what day he was talking about.
Chivalrous! He carries my purse...even when I fight him for it. One day, a poor passerby thought I was getting mugged and I had to explain that it was my boyfriend fighting me for my purse and everything was okay. He opens all the doors. He even holds them open for the people who come out after us.
Detail Oriented He notices everything!!! From which finger my ring is on from day to day, to what necklace I'm wearing, to a bandaid on my ankle (cat scratch) that I thought he couldn't even see, and to every word I write and say. (Screenshot: I mentioned my fav number was 7)
Basically I have a ton more, but it's late and I have a date tomorrow (LOL!!). (Pics: When he mis-counts the 7 emojis. & When he's waiting on you to pee so that you can hang up the call that has lasted 4 hours at 5 a.m.) Again, this is all just what I see in my bf in comparison to some stereotypes that ive heard. I don't mean to offend anyone. Whatcha think? Different or similar to what you expected? @Isolate @StephanieDuong @CreeTheOtaku @CheyenneJessee @PrettieeEmm @conversehigh @katyng52 @atmi @jasmincat13 @priscy513 @lunastormnoona @KaitlynHewitt @SaraHanna @yaya12 @NancyVongvilay @bbyitskatie PART 2: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1474248?shsrc=v
I wish I had a boyfriend, I'm just waiting......forever lol I guess
thats so cute! I hope to find someone soon Lol must find a Korean guy! ㅋㅋ
I've never been very into counting the time of a relationship so I'm not sure if I'd find that annoying or cute. The way he's doing it seems cute though! Hope you're both happy^^
@Jinnyrod3 Me too! Hahahaha!! @AlexErica He's precious! If I can get this lucky, anyone can. @Isolate We're so cute that we’re disgusting. LOL!! Thank you so much. kekeke~~
@katyng52 He really is! Kekeke! I'll prob make another card soon because I left out a pocky story. Best of luck to you~~ It can happen!!
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