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Alright...so.....can SOMEBODY get married already?!


Obi & Kiki's Team Work is Great!!

I love the way they both like spying on what's happening with Zen (so they can be supportive, of course), but Mitsuhide just goes right in haha. It was really fun to watch the scene on the other side of this door, too. Zen being pushy with Lord Haruka is great. Even if Haruka is making him prove he hasn't given up just, why can't he just get engaged to Shirayuki already?
Also, watching everyone worrying about Shirayuki because they hear about the marriage interview is so weird & cute. Yep, she's heard about it. She seems stressed. Poor Shirayuki as always stressed by these situations even if she doesn't show it much..... JUST GET MARRIEEEEDDDD!!!

LOL The interview is with Kiki! So fantastic!!!!

I would be totally terrified to ask her to do that too, Zen....but will Shirayuki understand? (of course, because she's an angel). I'm glad Mitsuhide is ok with it, too :P

Obi....Zen is gonna be angry.

I'm glad Obi went and told her, but he wasn't actually sure what he could tell her so he made it worse LOL. OBIIIII you should have made it clearer not less clear!! Poor Shirayuki!!!;;;;;

Finally!! Some kiki / mitsuhide background!!

The ball is so cute ;;;; and the way they interact is so cute, too. Young Zen is so cute, too! I know I already skipped ahead & read these pages but it's so cute to see them animated hehe. Can't wait to see more of it!! Also, I LOVEEEE that Mitsuhide thought she was a boy. Just so freaking funny XD wish we could have even more of that animated!

I love a whole episode of Kiki/Mitsuhide love!!!!!

Ughhh so cute. I really hope she admits things to him soon about her situation (no manga spoilers no manga spoilers);;;; Mitsuhide is going to be confused. ..also that cloud rolling in when Zen has to figure out what to do about the marriage interview after this one with Kiki is great.

Obi / Zen's little face off lol

Obi not telling Shirayuki that is was Kiki is funny because he was trying to follow orders. Zen is SOOOO DRAMATIC! Rightfully so, but Zen is seriously so dramatic hahahahahahahhahahaha. Running to tell her the truth, arriving so out of breath....does he really think she's gonna be mad? She's just so easygoing that it's like impossible to be mad at her or for her to even be mad at him!

Can't you just let them get married already....

Izuka, you're making it really difficult for everyone lol and Shirayuki is great so you're just being ridiculous at this point. She's obviously great for the kingdom.


I NO LONGER HATE YOU! I wasn't expecting that!!!!!!!

Thank. God.

I'm pretty sure Izuka is still gonna put them through a lot BUT it will be for the purpose of them ending up together rather than trying to show Zen that they should be apart so I'm really looking forward to it! Best big brother!!!
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between this one, erased, and haikyu, I get all the emotions I want/need. XD
2 years ago·Reply
@Shiskra for me it's this, erased and Prince of stride hahaha
2 years ago·Reply
@hikaymm Haha I watch that one too, but I always have to wait for my daughter because she is watching it with me.
2 years ago·Reply
where are you watching this at? I watched the first like 13 episodes on hulu but I don't know where else to watch anime :(
2 years ago·Reply
I watch it on funimation.
2 years ago·Reply