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I want to thank you all in a way i never done in my life. This is my first time doing this and i was nervous the whole time..... I hope you all enjoy this small gift to you all... Also theres one last news in the very end.
I hope you enjoy it. Hope to bring laughter of my weirdness .. and sorry for the tears.... so hard to not hold it in.


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Thanks you guys... it means sooo much for me to do this for you all!!! And yes im proud to be the newest member of the Squad Team. 💖💖💖😎😎😎 @TheEnlightment @lovetop @lovetop @ToppDogg @sarahdarwish @SaraHanna @screamoparadise @xroyalreisx @Helixx @KpopQueenaBee @MorleeCorielus
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I've never actually seen what you look like! you are so beautiful! I can't thank you enough for this video. It makes me feel like every message I send really does help. reach your dreams, live a long happy life. We are all right next to you as you say. Saranghae!
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You got this girl! We all vowed to wait for BigBang's return so keep fighting until then and beyond because VIP is more than family!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
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This little video brought me to tears. I love how such a large community can come together and help someone who deserves it. You are so special to us @BBXGD never forget that💕 no matter what....we will always be here for you...and if there is ever a time that some of your friends or family can't be there...someone out there will. We love you! I really hope this project that your vingle family are starting turns out to be a big success. CONTINUE TO STAY STRONG AND FIGHTING!!!!💕💕SARANGHAE 🙆🙆
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Oh....BB!!! BB!!!...u r making us cry... but we r not sad, those are happy tears... I know u can do it!!!! I know u will not give up!!!!...and I am so glad to have u as squad team members!!! love u!!!...and ur nice butt!!!...and ur humor!!!..and ur nice curly hair!!!...and ur two cutest babies!!!...ur Big Bang sweater!!!...ur nice wall!!! Seungri always said "Everything"....fighting!!!!!!!!
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