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So, lately everyone has been getting wattpad pad and I thought why not make an account too. So, I hope you can go find me and follow :) I'll follow back. Thank you to those that do and I just really hope you'll enjoy my stories in the future. Right now I'm currently working on "Our Promises" and it's a Jimin fanfic. So, go check that out (if you want to ahaha. No pressure). That's pretty much it. But I also want to tell you guys in advanced that I will be posting up wallpapers soon. @tinathellama requested a EXO, BTS, and GOT7 wallpapers of Hangul lyrics on them. I do have to say that it's not easy to find them since a lot of people aren't into just Hangul wallpapers lately. So, I'll try my best finding some though it might take a while. So I appreciate your patience and I'll try my best ☺️