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How would it be like to date Suga. (I absolutely love the fan arts I find)
First and foremost with him it would be very laid back. All the naps and cuddles....when he isn't working that is.
Though when he is working its best not to bother him to much but every once in a while I'm sure it would be find to surprise him with food or hugs.
He will always take good care of you. (forgive the poor quality it was the only one I could find.)
He would be the kind of guy to bring you flowers or a small gift just because he was thinking of you.
You wouldn't really have to worry about dressing up all the time because if you're comfortable that's all he would care about. Though looking nice is always something that would make him smile.
He isn't very good at expressing himself but he will show you how he feels through his actions and in his music.
Be prepared to listen to a lot of music. He will always want you to listen to his music and projects. If you don't like them why let others hear it.
I wish I was the girl I'm the photo
Kawaii kawaii kawaii!!! Love it!!!