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Interesting Facts About Lee Minho (이민호) from Min Ho's Day DVD 1. Locking fingers (as seen on many pictures of fans doing it with him at fan signing events) became a tradition at fan signing events. 2. Coffee wise, he likes sweet and cold such as iced cafe mocha. He drinks coffee about 1-2 cups per day. He's not much of a tea drinker unless if it's given to him. He prefers cold drinks instead of hot drinks. 3. He likes to go bowling, play games, or talk with his friends whenever they hang out. 4. He hangs out with friends from middle school and Kim Bum. 5. When he's on break, he likes to sleep and play games. 6. He likes to go on vacation on the spur of the moment. 7. He's not much of a book reader, but trying to make the effort to read more books. 8. His most memorable book was called 'The Present' by Spencer Johnson. He received a lot of strength from reading the book when he was injured from the accident. 9. The most recent movie he watched was 'New World' (featuring Lee Jung Jae, Choi Min Sik, Hwang Jung Min, Song Ji Hyo). 10. He gets his acting inspiration through his imagination and experience. 11. He wants to do a photoshoot of a gangster theme or high school theme. 12. He had trouble with breath control while he was recording for his album. 13. He closes his eyes while singing because he's sinking into the lyrics and imagining. 14. Here are some of his tips on how he tried to achieve a good voice: Living a disciplined life Sleeping regularly Receiving criticism from friends who are singers 15. For his album photoshoot, he wanted to show a concept that identifies himself as Lee Min Ho that fans can recognize, and also wanted to show a playful side of him. 16. Lee Min Ho has a pet named Choco (mini pinscher). He hasn't taken Choco out for a walk himself for about two years (lol). Choco has more clothes than he does (lol) thanks to his fans. 17. His favorite photo from his album is this one: 18. Keyword Talk Segment (what each word means to him): Actor - His profession Music & Min Ho - "As you live your life, music will always be next to you." - Lee Min Ho Fan - A dynamism that keeps Lee Min Ho moving Dream - Doing well on his upcoming drama Min Ho's Ordinary Day - "I'm just a very normal 27 year old Korean young man." - Lee Min Ho By: Solly @leeminhoworld (
I really want to know more about you Minho have grown to like you
When you find out that you have even MORE now in common. My Favorite cup of coffee: Coffee Mocha. ~wow Minho.
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