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Wes Anderson is known for his beyond-quirky characters.

Since all of his films have a love line to them, there are always odd couples and here are a few!

Moonrise Kingdom

Suzy & Sam

The 12 year old romantic runaways.

Grand Budapest Hotel

Agatha & Zero

The lobby boy and the pastry chef.

The Royal Tenenbaums

Margot & Richie

The siblings.
Yes, the siblings lol. Margot was adopted and Richie has loved her since childhood.

Bottle Rocket

Inez & Anthony

The wannabe criminal (who only speaks English and a motel housekeeper (who only speaks Spanish)
Anthony also describes my ideal date: "Sitting in the laundry room, working on your vocabulary, sharing these tamales."


Rosemary & Max

The precocious student and the elementary school teacher.

Who are your favorite movie couples?

Rosemary and Max were OKAY, but I liked Max better when he was with Margaret Yang. She really went after him, and it took him a while to notice that she was actually way more his speed than Rosemary, but he eventually came around!
Agatha and Zero :)
from all movie above, I remember most is Grand Budapes hotel. can't forget their adventures journey and that funny romantic couple
Eric & Shelly. One of my favorite movies is the crow. It's not a romantic movie but I love how Eric came back to avenge Shelly also there is this song on the soundtrack that I absolutely love. It's pretty much saying that "I would sacrifice myself for our love"
@sophiamor and Lilo and stitch but there not a couple there best friends owner and dog? alien? 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
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