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Trinity Seven
Good yet short
Trinity Seven was good in my opinnion sorry if im bothering with posts but im going to give my opinnion on the harems you guys reccomended it makes me feel like im giving back and of all communitys Otakus are the best!!!!! Welll overall I feel the anime was Amazing......(hope you guys catch that) even though the anime adaption started recently I think it had a decent start and hopefully there will be a second season on that note gn guys
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Im a fan of both so im looking foward to it man !!!! and nice crossover intersted on how that will play out
2 years ago·Reply
Awesome dude Second chapter is probably going to be posted this weekend
2 years ago·Reply
loved this anime is there going to be a second season or no
2 years ago·Reply
@Silverfang I hope there will be man this is my Personal favorite anime and the Manga has been fantastic if I were to guess if they renew this show for a second season it would probably be Summer 2017 due to the story being paused
2 years ago·Reply
oh ok I don't really read manga at all but I hope your right @BlackoutZJ
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