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Earlier this week, @invinsybll posted a card about Out of Context subtitles and how confusing they can be, and today, I'm gonna share something similar:

Funny Translator Notes in Subtitles XD

Not all translations are done by the big names (i.e. Crunchyroll, Funimation, etc). For some series, the first trans people see are fandone. Or, they're "funny" subs made just to make us laugh. Either way, when translators put in funny TN (translator notes), I can't help but lose it!!!

Pretty sure this isn't for real but if it is..... I am gomen nasai.


Okay, this is okay.

XD This just can't be real

Again, totally fake, but totally accurate to what we used to deal with in anime!!!!

This is the joke :P

Have you seen this before? Basically, this meme is referring to all the times fansubs or translators include unnecessary Japanese words in their translations. If you're translating it, just change it all!! Sometimes it's necessary to leave them because the word will be used again and again and is better in it's original form, but most of the time this isn't the case!

That's pretty much why things get left in XD

Then there's GOOD translator notes, like this one!

A lot of phrases kind of miss their impact when being translated, because translating is difficult!
You have to balance the literal phrase with the meaning of it, so sometimes translator notes can help relayer on those meanings that might be lost otherwise.

And then, there's this...

not trying to insult anyone here, but this is a real fansub that was being made for an anime....just no. I actually do some translating for an interview Facebook page & for a tumblr (not from Japanese :P), and it's difficult! But you have to just pick a phrase and stick to it. Adding in the literal translation along with the trans based on the actual meaning is useless!! Just make it so the viewer/reader can truly understand what is meant, and only add a translator note if it will enhance their experience!!!

Thankfully, notes like these are basically a thing of the past.

Since there's a lot more "official" subtitling happening rather than the past of volunteer fan subbers, there are standards of translation being put in place and more rules about when a note is helpful for understanding history & context annnnnd when it's just sloppy translating!
the "pew pew pew" had me in tears! 馃槀 "weaboo flavor" ...lmao I cant!
I was dying through most of this. 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
all I understood was "Nani Nani oshiete" as "what what tell me" everything else was gibberish 馃槀
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