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The journey to breaking the 95/96 Chicago Bulls record of 72 wins just got harder after we found out Andre Iguodala is going to be out for at least two weeks with a sprained ankle.
Well, it looks like we are still on track to breaking that record after we crushed the New Orleans Saints 125-107.

Oh, we also set the record to the fastest team to win sixty games in the NBA. NBD.

And once again, Happy Birthday Stephen Curry!

He put up another incredible performance tonight with 27 points and 5 assists. Definitely the best way to celebrate your birthday! Celebrate it with a big W!
@RamBo3 Thank you. It also sucks how many ex-players are shitting on him. Gets me pissed. You from LA?
And yea I was living in LA, and now I live in SD. You from up north?
I absolutely agree with that.. It bothered me hearing all that BS about defense not being the same, and all this other speculation about the "what if curry.." It's all senseless. The man is having an absolute breakthrough season and they're trying to justify his immortality behind the 3 point line by totally shitting on his parade! I especially like how humble he is about his skill set
Haha yes he sure did.. And no man, Lakers all day 👌🏽 I respect your boy Curry though. It's annoying how ridiculously good he is at this point 😏
@mchlyang I know it sucks he had to go out in such a critical time
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