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Seriously I don't care if he has choclate abs or melted choclate abs as long as he is healthy and eating properly I'm happy


So I googled out this dooly character they were talking about and this came up...I guess this is how his abs look right now
Same, Baekhyun. Same.
haha thats cute! but yeah im like you i dont care about his abs. as long as hes healthy and happy. thats how i am with jimin of bts cuz he has eating disorder so im always saying i dont care how his body looks as long as hes happy and healthy but its true for them both!
I don't care about his abs, i love him any way!!! Dooly is sooo cute like him😍
Chanyeol is like: ahhh! that's right! my little bakkie has a little stomach! but I don't get care...just a little extra cushion for the pushing
How HOW can he be so adorable?? I just wanna pinch his cheeks~ (^/3^)/
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