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so I've been watching one piece since I was a child I instantly fell in love with it because of its Amazing Story the powers they have the determination the dreams the hard work and everything I love the characters the all funny and the only way and proved that how f*****-up your life was back then you can still have a great life with in the future I love seeing the epic fight that this show gives to us I love that they don't care what other people say about them they just love doing the only thing and I respect that about them this is why I love one piece this is why it's my favorite anime show and it shows that if you have a weird power you can make it as epic as you can possibly make it
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I hate one piece
2 years ago·Reply
@ShayneMarshall Well everyone has there taste so it's cool if u don't like it
2 years ago·Reply
come on this picture is about the love of one piece not the hated of it
2 years ago·Reply
Wish I can catch up soon!
2 years ago·Reply
Too many episodes haha
2 years ago·Reply