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According to this dude, it's "Genuinely hilarious" and I'm sold.

I had plans to watch KonoSuba, but wasn't really rushing to it, until I watched this. Honestly Digibro's description is kind of mean, but at the same time I think it appreciates the show in all the right ways! It makes it sound 100000% totally hilarious and worth watching. Everything derpy about it sounds great.
Honestly, the animation style was what turned me off of this to begin with, but he made a great point about that: Why would you portray terrible, self-centered people in a flattering way or with a polished look? If from the onset, it's been an intentional choice then hey, I'll give it a shot!!!

Who watches this?!

Is it worth watching??? Am I going to want to binge it? WHO IS BEST GIRL??
@hikaymm it is hilarious!! it has me laughing on every episode! :D i think its worth watching!
*German vampire undertone* doooh iit
It's good lol 馃槄
@ChrisStephens its the same problem every episode with nothing new or changing
its okay its got a lot of problems. and needs to advance to something sometime. Evey episode is the exact same goddess makes debt they do one mission out of debt. its definitely a 6/10
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