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Alright here's another installment of B.A.P. Every Monday or Tuesday whichever you prefer. Their will be cards dedicated to a certain member. Last Tuesday was Jae day. Today Jongup day. @kpopandkimchi she's the creator of the countdown.
This man right here is a bias wrecker lol. I'm faithful to my Yongguk but Jongup likes to tease and try to make you stray lol. I love his smile. If you look at it it's a crooked smiles makes him all the more adorable. He's a great dancer and extremely shy. Doesn't talk much but that's ok.
Now let's see why he's a bias wrecker lol. Look at those arms and abs. You can tell all the dancing he does keeps in shape. He's a great friend to all his group mates and he's closest to Zelo since they are so close in age. Yes I ship JongLo lol. Hope you enjoy! @JiyongLeo @jessicacosta90 @vixenvivi @AimeeH @B1A4BTS5ever @leighholgate @jeppblackmen @JohnEvans @helixx @ARMYStarlight @QueenLee @kpopandkimchi @Morganelisbeth @nikkitty