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I have lotsa love for most things! I love animals and anime and cute things and I get over excited a lot!!
I love to read! Don't interrupt my reading like ever! And I love to "debate" with logic and facts!! I love learning and knowledge!
I have 2 jobs one where I'm a cook and one where I'm a janitor. This cat is me if I have any extra money! No touchy! Or the cat could be my bills and I just want the money!!! Hahaha
My emotions in like 2 seconds! I'm quick to change my emotions. Can't help it I'm Irish and Native American! I'm temperamental!
My overall personality! I don't let anyone get me down. I say what I want, do what I want and I'm honest to the core. And if u don't like it just deal with it!
Little bonus tidbit! I like to dress in goth and do my make up in strange ways and colors. Tho the name of my existence is Blue lipstick. I can never find the right shade! And I've been known from time to time to paint my fave like ICP!
@shannonl5 ppl think I'm like 16 when I do! lol
@ReidoTerumi Lmao right!!
Goth makeup and fashion is a lot of fun! My best friend growing up was goth, but I never really tried it myself. I'd just admire her dedication lol.
@LadyLuna, you are totally awesome! You aren't weird, you so totally rock!!!
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