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Here's another cooking adventure. We decided to have fried rice tonight with our left over potato sides! If you're wondering how to make fried rice here's a basic recipe to get you started.

1. Stir fry green onion and green peppers with 2-3 teaspoon sesame oil on low-medium fire.

2. Sprinkle some red pepper and add in 1 tablespoon soy sauce. Mix it well!

3. Stir in rice (Day old rice is usually better! Less moisture).

If you're doing the right thing. Your rice should look like this.

4. Part the rice to one side and add eggs. Once it's about 80% cook, mix the rice and egg together.

This method will keep your rice texture from getting soggy.

5. Once the egg is well mixed, add in a 1-2 teaspoon of oyster sauce. Mix it once last time. Turn off the fire and you're done!

@atmi LOL. I'm Asian-American and I love fusion food so some of my cooking reflects that. And I agree to not use hot rice for frying. :)
are you asian or westerner who love asian food? lol I usually cook fried rice and my very important ingredients is garlic in the 1st step, more garlic means more taste. 2nd tips, never use warm/hot rice, it will sticky after you fried it. put in the fridge (wrap you rice) for hours or more
@Sara3 You're welcome! thanks for stopping by! @alywoah It really is!
Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.i cook the eggs separately.