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Yesterday I spent a portion of my day watching one of my favorite romantic films starring Jim Carrey, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. If you've never seen this film before, do yourself a favor and check it out -- it will change the way you think when it comes to the idea of memories.
We have both good memories and bad memories, but in order to completely forget a person's existence we would have to remove both the good and the bad memories. As heart wrenching as this film may be, it ends on a positive note -- love never fails, no matter what. With that being said, keep scrolling to see a brief trailer and a handful of my favorite quotes that stood out in the film and hopefully they will stand out to you as well.

Check out the trailer seen above.

Have you seen this film before?

Would you be willing to check it out sometime?
@EasternShell It's not his usual role. It's mostly a serious movie. It's so worth watching, even if you don't like him, or are tired of his usual role.
forever my favorite 馃挄馃挄
this movie is probably in my top ten favorite movies. I remember watching it when it first came out. after it was over I remember thinking: "this is so sad." Think it's one of Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey best roles.
Yes you must! I hadn't seen it in so long & I'm so glad I watched it again @alywoah
I've seen this movie! I really like it. I gotta go and watch it again
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