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By the time you reach Chapter 15 in your book you notice that lunch has long passed and your stomach is growling. You poke your head out of your room but hear nothing from the penthouse. You wander up to the kitchen, more wary this time and on silent feet. The place is blissfully silent and empty as you head over to the fridge to investigate. There are several containers stacked inside with a sticky note attached.
'Forgive me. Eat please. I’m home later. Just me, no one else.'
You can’t help but smile as you take the containers out of the fridge. As you’re pulling lids off to heat everything up you find a different note on top of the rice.
'We really are sorry, but not sorry. You should feel compliment my dongsaeng even threatened me bodily harm. Serious, if you not interested in him, I would be interested. J'
You just stare at the note for a minute. Then you toss it aside deciding it is just Juno still teasing; anything to get under Junsu’s skin. A quick glance at the clock shows it to be dinner time, curtain call in 1 hr. You spend the next few minutes arguing with yourself. Should you text a thank you and risk interrupting his pre-stage routine? Or just wait and send a text after the performance when he should be on his way back. As you sit down to eat and start scrolling through Drama Fever your phone goes off.
Junsu: Did you eat?
You: Yes thank you. I was just wondering about texting you.
Junsu: Wondering? As in not sure or still not forgiven?
You: As in not wanting to bother you before your performance.
Junsu: Not a bother.
You smile at his comment even though you know he probably means it only for today. Anyone constantly texting while you are busy or working is beyond annoying. That wasn’t how you wanted to repay him for his kindness. Was it just still kindness? That pesky thought pops into your thoughts again. You send a last text:
You: Fighting.
Junsu: Thank you.
You finish off only half of the food he left. He must think you’re a horse by the amount of food he is always trying to feed you. Looking up at the clock it tells you that there is time for a work-out before he returns from the theater. You check in with security; seeing Do-yun and Joon-woo at their regular posts.
Joon-woo just has to tease you, “Look she emerged, who said she was a ostrich hiding her head?”
“Rude,” you comment back. “You two were here? Then why the other guys?”
“Front row seating as always,” Do-yun smirks pointing at the monitor. “Seon-Ki was just getting off from filling in, the other guy was Juno’s bodyguard. We figured he could go save his own bosses butt.”
Joon-woo shakes his head, “It’s a good thing they aren’t together that often, can you imagine?” He and Do-yun both shake themselves as if that’s a cringe worthy thought and you laugh.
As you start to leave the room Do-yun quickly adds, “By the way, we agree with the all the comments on your pajamas.” He smirks at Joon-woo, “We’ve always found them to be exceptionally charming.”
You come to a full stop and look for something to throw at him. Joon-woo laughs and comes to stand in front of you, “Admit it small fry, you’re damn sexy and attractive in more ways than looks. Accept the compliments and go do your work-out.” He opens the door to shoo you out but gets one more jab in, “We’re bored, we need some aerobic porn.” Before you can turn on him he quickly shuts the door. First thing upon entering the practice room you turn to the camera and flip them off.
After your shower you curl up in a blanket on the couch to flip through your phone. When Junsu comes through the door an hour later he finds the leftovers neatly stacked with a note, ‘U Eat’! He takes the note off, smiles and wanders into the living room. He finds you fast asleep on the couch. He wanders back to the kitchen and does as the note instructs. After eating and finishing his nighttime routine, he finds himself back in the living room. He stands and stares down at you trying to decide if he should carry you to your room? Instead he decides to not wake you. He makes himself comfortable and gently pulls you back into his arms.
A beeping sound goes off but you ignore it, it doesn’t sound like your alarm. Your warm and comfy pillow moans and moves as the sound stops. You aren’t fully awake until said pillow reaches over and strokes your hair, placing a kiss on the top of your head. What?! You sit straight up, looking around, very disoriented. The living room, had you fallen asleep again watching a Kdrama? You don’t remember him getting home, watching TV, or falling asleep.
“What time is it?” you mumble, trying to tame your hair.
“Early. Not know the time you rise.”
You turn to look behind you, “How?” you motion to the couch and the two of you. You're at a loss for words, he looks so warm and inviting, you just want to lay back down and snuggle in.
“I debated moving you, didn’t want to wake you.” A small, sexy smile appears with a shrug, “So I joined you.”
“I should get ready for work.” You comment as you run your hand nervously through your hair again. Your hand stops as you notice one of your earrings is missing. “What?” You pat down your hair, check your shirt and shake out the blanket.
“Oh, nothing. I just lost one of my earrings, not a big deal.” You move to get up but his arm stops you. He looks under your hair, in your collar, and on his clothes.
“Only pair?”
You nod and shrug, “I’m really not into a lot of jewelry.”
“Hold on,” he says as he reaches up and starts taking out his own earrings. You just watch him, totally confused when he takes your hand and puts them in your palm. “Trade,” he states and motions to your one earring. He laughs at the look on your face, “I can get away with only one.”
When you shake your head, he moves over and shifts your hair out of the way. He gently puts an earring in one ear, than switches to the other side to remove and replace the other. Again you sit stunned, as you watch him put your earring on in his left ear.
“Theater closed tonight. We can do something?”
You’re still in a daze about the earrings; he smiles as he reaches up and strokes your face. “I’ll take that as a yes.”
He's just so dang sweet!
so cute, only Koreans would do that lol