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I'll have to tell the full story another time, but basically, a few months ago....

I threw out nearly all of my makeup and decided to start from scratch with a more animal friendly collection!!

And this is where I'm currently up to!

I didn't go fully cruelty free, in my opinion (bc it's difficult & expensive), but I went what I'll call "cruelty aware" and tried to purchase only products I knew to either be totally cruelty free OR from a cruelty free (CF) brand even if their larger company was not CF.

But yeah, as you can see....I bought a lot!!

And I still haven't figured out how to organize it XD
I'm not mad about it, though. I got most for awesome deals & am really happy with nearly everything I've purchased!
I'm a bit hyper organized and even made myself a spreadsheet of everything I bought & how much I was saving on each item (overall, saved a couple hundred!!) so that feels pretty awesome.

My Makeup Bag Collection!

Since I put so much time into building my new makeup collection, I want to write up some impressions & reviews for the items I own!
if you want to see my reviews & details of all these products!!
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