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Meet Annabelle. Saved her from a work site a few days ago... she walked right up to me on my lunch break and patiently awaited a piece of chicken hehe (she eventually won lol). She had no tail and was hungry But! she got a trip to the vet and now shes got a full tummy and plays constantly with her other 2 feline and k9 brothers all around my house haha! i was fortunate to catch her in her rare rest period lol. she hates the camera.... but i got her hehe beautiful girl aye? more pics to come ✌
"Dad... seriously another cat??? Did you ask me???" lol
she's SO cute!
Thank you very much! 😊 @hikaymm ... Im glad she just so happened to appear. She is definitely a sweetheart.
She's precious <3
she's so pretty