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As you all may know a pillar of this community is fighting a battle against a very serious disease and she needs our help to help her win that war. So here is my card to @BBXGD. Prayers going up and Blessings coming down love!! "Fight the good fight, and Never lose faith For you are stronger than you think, just hang on tight. The battle has just begun and the war is not lost. You have an ARMY behind you fighting with you every step of the way. Our pillar, our light you shine so bright Now let us do the same as we guide you thru the night. Fight the good fight" I'm not good at this stuff so I tried just for you @BBXGD. Please tag all @xroyalreisx @katyng52 @KDSnKJH @Helixx @Jiyongixoxo @CallMeMsDragon @Veronicaartino @KwonOfAKind @Sailynn @JohnEvans #Fighting@BBXGD2016
@BBxGD I praise GOD in advance for your complete healing. HIS miraculous healing is granting victorious health, renewal, restoration to your organs, organ systems, and organ system functions, by the power of the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus, Amen! love you!