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I am excited for Got7's comeback! I put together these pictures. I hope you guys like them :3
:3 my husband and I just matching.
He's so cute! :3 Have a nice day!! And if you want to see more of my silly pictures, follow me on instagram! @melinnaaaaa
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@mewhinamon brw what your name or dovyouvwant a made up name
2 years ago·Reply
😂 oh yeah, duh! Haha, my name is Melina! :3 I'll like if you used my name! @JaeneashaJones
2 years ago·Reply
@mewhinamon OK 🙌
2 years ago·Reply
@mewhinamon also do you mind if I use your photo and a pic of mark to make the cover
2 years ago·Reply
Aww! That would be cute! :3 !! ❤ @JaeneashaJones
2 years ago·Reply