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I walked over to the street and grabbed a taxi. I was almost home when my phone went off. "Hello?" "(Y/n) how dare you not tell me about Suga!" "What are you talking about?" I was confused. "You were with Suga on the train!" "How did you know?" "There are pictures online." "What the hell!" I quickly hung up and pulled up my accounts and sure enough. It was a picture of me and Suga sleeping. That stupid girl! Why the hell is she making things complicated. I saw an article and clicked on it. 'Our source says that this girl says she is Suga's personal manager. Do personal managers really do this? Our source thinks it's a lie. We are waiting to hear from Bighit to see what they have to say about this mystery woman.' Oh man I made things worse for him. I couldn't even text him to apologize. I didn't take his number. I'm regretting that. I called my friend back. "Sorry for hanging up on you. Yea I was on the train with him. I was just being like a body guard for him. That's really all." "So your not secretly dating him?" "Ha I wish!" I laughed. "I wonder what bighit is going to do?" She said "Me too...I just made things bad for them." I said looking out the window. "Well they will come up with something." "Yea...Hey I'll text you later I'm in the taxi going home now." "Ok keep me updated" She laughed and hung up. The rest of the ride home I just stared out the window. My mind was on Suga. I couldn't shake the feeling something big was going to happen. Once I got out of the taxi I ran inside and unpacked my things. I called my Co workers and let them know I was back in town. Thankfully they didn't ask any questions. I'm assuming they hadn't heard about it yet. I made some food for me and took a shower. It was early in the morning and I didn't want to go back to sleep so I just stared at my cup of coffee in front of me. My phone started buzzing. "Hello" "Is this (y/n)?" "Yes who is this?" I wasn't really processing the voice though it sounded familiar. "Really? You already forgot about me? And I'm in your favorite group supposedly." "Suga?" "Yea." He laughed "Oh thank God you called. I am so so so so very sorry!" "It's ok this kind of thing happens." "I didn't want to cause you trouble and I ended up doing it." "Hey (y/n) don't worry about it. I have something I need to talk to you about though." "What's that?" "Can you come to bighit?" "When?" "Right now." I looked at the clock. I had several hours before I needed to go to work. "Yea I'll head over now." "Ok I'll be waiting." He hung up and I quickly got my stuff and walked out the door. I took a taxi the short distance. When I got to the door I could see Suga standing there against the wall inside. I walked in. He quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me to the elevator and pushed the button. He looked around still not saying anything. The elevator dinged and he pulled me into the elevator. Once the doors shut he started talking. "Ok we figured out a solution to our problem." He was staring at me while I was leaning up against the wall. "What's that?" "Do you have a job?" "Yes.." "I say quit it." "Can you just tell me what's going on?" He was acting weird. The elevator dinged and the doors opened. "Let's go." He grabbed my hand again and pulled me down the hall. We walked to a room and he opened the door. Once we walked in I saw all the members and there manager and the owner of bighit. I had several emotions going through my head but I kept it all in. "Here sit down." Suga said releasing my hand. I quickly sat down. My heart was pounding. "I'll get right to the point. I figured the only way to nip this in the butt is to hire you as Suga's personal manager/assistant." "What?" I looked at Suga and his face was blank as he stared at me. "Suga told us what you had said on the train and if that girl wants to start something we are gonna nip it in the butt with making sure what you said is true." "What exactly will I be doing?" That was the main thing I needed to know. "Basically you will be with him everyday. You will keep him on track so he doesn't miss anything. He doesn't really need you making sure he gets places he's pretty good at it will be making sure rules are followed and if you need to ask any questions you just ask me." There manager said. "Ok so I need to quit my other job?" "Yes." Suga said I looked at him and locked eyes. I held my breath with how intense the stare was. It made my stomach do flips. His eyes were so beautiful. I opened my mouth and let out the air as I answered. "Ok." We kept staring at each other. "You'll start today. Suga you need to show her around." That's when Suga looked away. I finally could move. I looked at my new bosses. This was really happening. After a discussion on pay they left. It was just me and the 7 guys. "Ok give me one second here to fangirl." I said standing up. "Really?" Suga said raising an eyebrow "Yea." " You didn't do that for me?" "Oh I did I just waited till you couldn't see me." He smiled causing me to smile and then I quickly did a happy dance and squealed in excitement. "Omg I'm a huge fan and I love you guys your my number one group! You are !ll so freaking beautiful and talented!" I took a deep breath and they started laughing. "Ok I'm done." I sat back down. "Cute" I looked at Suga and blushed. "(Y/n) you sure you can handle Suga?" Jimin said "Yea..Most definitely. I know alot about him." "Oh you do? Is he your bias?" V said smiling. "Um....." I glanced at him then back to V. "No....I don't have one." "Oh really?" Jin was intrigued "Guys she's lying I already know who it is" V said winking at me. "Ok guys stop messing with her she doesn't need to tell you." Suga said walking over to me and grabbing my hand again. "Wow I think we have love blooming." Jimin said laughing Then the door closed behind us. "I'm sorry about them. They like to be annoying." "It's ok really." After several minutes we finished the tour and he said he was hungry so we went to eat. He picked a place close. We order our food and then as we were finishing up we heard someone say something about bighit. We both looked at the screen. The picture from the train was up and they were talking about us and then the manager showed up. He made his statement and then left. We looked at each other. "Well everyone knows now." I smiled "Let's go to the studio after this." He said quickly looking down and shoving the rest of the food in his mouth. I followed his lead. I remebered after we were walking out that I didn't call my work so as we were leaving I called them and explain that I wasn't going to be coming into work anymore. My boss was pissed about me quiting that way but what else could I do. This wasn't going to be easy. I was already in love with Suga of BTS what was going to happen with me getting to see the side of him No one sees. Yoongi is different from Suga. I'm going to have to fight any more feelings developing. "Oof" I walked into Suga "Are you ok?" He turned to look at me. I froze. Just for a second at least. I quickly backed up a bit. "I wasn't paying attention. Sorry." I said looking down. He needs to stop staring at me with those intense eyes. He walked up to me a bit. He put his hand on my head and rubbed my hair messing it up. I looked up to him with my face scrunched. "Ha sorry." He removed his hand and fixed my hair. " I'm older than you right?" I nodded "Ok. Call me Oppa." "Ok...since I'm not an actually manager that works." "Well say it let's see how it sounds. If it's weird I'll let you just call me Yoongi. Ok?" "Yoongi Oppa....or Oppa." His face turned a light pink. "They work for you." He said still looking at me. "Oppa let's go." I smiled and opened the door to the car. He was quick to follow.
Here you go another update. Did you enjoy it? I'm so excited for the stuff to come...I'll try to update again soon. And if anyone wants to be tagged or taken off just let me know. thanks! ❀
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I'm so glad there are several chapters so I can binge read before being left on the edge of my seat to wait.
I need a second to fangirl too OMFG THIS IS FKING ADORABLE πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
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