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You know, if they had to fight.

Let's say this time that it's NOT a fight to the death... because who really wants either of them to die?
Who would you bet on?
Avengers: We have Hulk. Straw Hats: We have Luffy.
2 years ago·Reply
No @koifries avengers:we have hulk Straw hats: we have zoro
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Oh man this is hard! I love them both!!! why do I have to choose!!😢 I'm gonna have to go with Luffy the best pirate captain in the Grand Line, and the world!
2 years ago·Reply
luffys 2nd gear is enough he jst has 2 do a jet gattling nd he wins
2 years ago·Reply
iron man has the brains but luffy has thay raw aggressive power/attitude aaaaah it's hard to pick lol don't do this to me :(
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