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They question our madness And call it words like "sublime" But this amount of sadness Is definitely not divine You see this chaos inside me I wish it were gone For it forces me to see Everything I've done wrong And I cannot fall asleep Because I am threatened to stay In my position with no meep While keeping my demons at bay I am afraid to feel love With all of its beauty and charm For it is too up above And bringing it down will cause harm Yet you still see me move And act through a day Well its only to soothe A small part of the pain So please do not fear me For I already fear myself Instead just smile with glee And put me to rest on your shelf
Okay! Challenge accepted. 😁☺️ Until we meet again @Dynamo
@Jasminep96 Then I challenge you to challenge me :3 Ill be looking forward to hearing from you c:
@Dynamo You got it dude! Hahaha. You'll be getting more liked notifications from me in the near future, so keep a look out πŸ˜„ But my likes may say more than I can probably say in words myself haha
Then whenever you want to just say what's on your mind then tell me c:
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