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Get to know your fabrics and finishes when you're out and about searching for the perfect wedding dress, Spring garment, or whatever! How will you know you're getting exactly what you want, unless you know what you're talking about?
Which of the four dresses shown above is not considered a fabric?
A. Satin
B. Silk
C. Polyester
D. Leather
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I'm only guessing. Is it D? Is leather not considered a fabric due to it being animal hide and not woven?
CORRECT @TurtleyTurtles! The answer is A. Satin is not a fabric, never has been. It's a finish. Think about it. You can have silk satin, cotton satin, poly satin, satin-finish leather, blended satin etc. @jordanhamilton @candacejordan @brinJSN @humairaa @prgurl4u2envy
I will definitely share more cards like this @MyAffairWith Thanks for the good guess @dimplequeen but the answer is A, Satin. Satin isn't a fabric; it's a finish only.
Thanks for your answers though, @ZoilaObregon and @MyAffairWith The reason is because finishes are not the same as fabrics. Fabrics are the content of the fibers. Finishes are the effect the weave of those fibers produces. Does that make sense? So, you could have a variety of silk finishes and cotton finishes and poly finishes. Satin is just one of them, but it's not a fabric.
Sorry, the answer was A @ZoilaObregon and @MyAffairWith :) Glad you got a cool wake-up lesson @atmi
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