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You are allowed to be happy, no matter your size.

But in case someone out there needs another reason, let's call our attention to the obesity paradox, a hypothesis that proposes having a higher body mass index can actually help you live longer- not the other way around. Research is still being done in this field (the idea was proposed in 2003 by Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh), but there are some things we DO know for sure. People who engage in the following four habits have the same life expectancy, no matter their size:

Confused? That's okay!

For a long time we've been looking at data and studies that assert losing weight is healthy, gaining weight is bad, and that the shape of our bodies is under our control. The idea that this might not be the case is incredibly jarring because it contradicts the messages that we've been receiving for a very long time. The truth is that there's very little certainty within the scientific community. A lot of studies that have been shared and referenced have been dismissed because they were poorly conducted or misrepresented their results. And in the meantime pharmaceutical companies are making huge profits off diet pills that don't work.

Long story short: Keep on keeping on.

It's your body, and you know how to take care of it. Feed it, take care of it, and own your version of strong. Because you're awesome and you deserve it.
Love this!! You can be healthy and be any size!! I look average "sized" in societies standards, but I'm not as healthy as I'd like! I just try to understand my body and happiness and work my best!
@nicolejb I think that's all anyone can ask! I've been trying to find more ways to make exercise fun myself since she's totally right, if I don't enjoy it I'm less likely to do it XD