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Anime Meets Real Life in The Garden of Words
Some of the best art in many anime comes from the detail artists put into making accurate reflections of the world around us. Seeing the way that scenes match up to their real-life counterparts can be staggering.
One anime film that gets it totally right is The Garden of Words, an anime about a young aspiring shoemaker who meets the girl he falls in love with in a park one day. The film comes from Makoto Shinkai, an artist who has been celebrated as a 'new Miyazaki'.
Check out more awesome background art below!
This is my favorite one of these. mostly because of how it reminds me of home. Though also because the level of detail is absolutely bonkers. Every streetlamp, the wear and tear on the signs, the bikes chained up, all of it is impeccably designed.
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Wow, so beautiful!
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wow! incredible. thanks for putting this together.
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that's pretty good! I want to see it!
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