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So, first off, I'd love to just say thank you because I'm getting those "you're getting popular" emails every day now, and I'm just really happy to have found some awesome people to share my love of KPop and KDrama with. I'm just glad. :)
Like this fun post, which I tagged maybe 15 people in now has 1.4k views and nearly 59 comments! Since yesterday??? I'm blown away.
So, I'm considering doing more cards, and doing a focus on older groups? I've noticed that a lot of the focus on Vingle is on EXO, BTS, Seventeen, Got7, and other groups. Please don't think I don't love these groups because holy shiteu I do. <3 my boos. However, as a Noona to many of these guys, I will always have a special place in my heart for groups like Super Junior, CNBLUE, FT Island and others. I was wondering if you guys would be interested in something like that? If so let me know and I'll start something. Maybe something like @JiyongLeo 's group of the week cards (which are amazing and you should check them out if you haven't).
So, that being said, I am going to do this challenge, because why not. :3 thanks to @Lexxcisco for this.
I've got you both @IsoldaPazo @JohnEvans
you can tag me if you want
yas, tag me por favor. I love making virtual Vingle friends. 😅😅
@Lexxcisco I like this idea!!
Yay! DO IT WITH ME! We should just do all 30 of them and we should both start tomorrow! XD