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These are a few photos from something I'm working on Called Atlanta Exopsed. It's a project that I started to get me out and shooting by myself and with other photographers. Images will be of downtown Atlanta and the surrounding metro areas, and will consist of city scapes, skylines, detalis and all in between.
A special kind of blue
And my sounds laid down by the Underground.
Excuse me oldskool, coming thru.
These are beautiful! The second one messes with my OCD a little, but it's actually my favorite.
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@annamolly lol...thanks so much, I know what you mean, I'm touched with a bit of OCD to.
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Great photos! These look amazing!
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those looks dramatic, really cool 馃榿
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really amazing photographs man!!!! especially the oldskool car, it really stands out, for me, your tallented!!!馃憤
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