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Okay lets start off from the begging.....story time...
Okay when i first got into kpop it was all fun and games until my friend told me you need an ultimate bias and i was like okay that be easy and since at the time my favorite band was B1A4 (that was the only band i knew however they are still in my top 3) i was like oh okay that easy Baro since he is bias
okay and it stayed like that until i got more involved into the kpop world and i met more bands and then i met BTS and i was like okay i like this band and i did some research and i ended up falling in love with them (still my number one group today) anyways so i stayed obsessing over BTS and they asked me who is your ultimate bias and i was like baro from b1a4 forever and always and they where like are you sure and im like yeah and my friends would be like but your always talking about Taehyung and v this and v that and im like no its baro and they where like okay im just saying but i dont know something happened that made me say im sorry Baro but Taehyung ( V) is ultimate bias forever and always ~end of story~
Since then i Taehyung has always been ultimate bias forever and always I mean just look at him no one can replace him he my superman his my everything i love him with all my heart ever since i got into BTS they have stayed at the top and nothing will change that nothing i meet so many other band and still they are my number one yes i may have change several groups from there positions or messed with my bias list but BTS is forever number one and V will forever ultimate bias
now time for my crisis..... Recently i been getting in to iKon and i am in love with them they took B1A4s place (again sorry B1A4 :( i still love you you guys will always be in my heart) Anyways so im into iKon right now and yeah im going through that fangirl phase where i want to learn everything about them so right now im like obsess with iKon and i have fallen in love with them they gave me the same reaction BTS gave me i cant stop talking about them and my bias in there, my bias is *does b.i's voice and yells* HANBIN hehe anyways now everyone and i mean everyone is telling me are you sure Hanbin wont take V's place as ultimate bias and i always say no BTS is my number one band and that will never change and V is my ultimate bias forever so he wont and they all say im not saying iKon will replace BTS but HanBin will take V's place cause i dont hear about V that much no more only HanBin and i always argue and say no but some tell me that is the same thing you said about Baro
So im like scared i don't want it to happen, but i honestly feel HanBin might reach the same level as V and i told one of my friends is it okay if he reaches Tae's level but Tae stays as ultimate bias and she like no you cant have two ultimate biases that not how it works, but i don't know it weird i know my Taehyung will stay at the top and be forever ultimate bias, but sometime people make me question it as much as i don't want to i got to be honest and i do :/
HanBin he is like an ultimate bias wrecker i swear he needs to stop hes too handsome all i know is that iKon will always stay as my second favorite band forever and HanBin will always be that bias that wants to take Vs spot...
I don't want to lose this beautiful creature
THIS WHY I NEED YOUR HELP IN SORTING THINGS OUT...SO WILL YOU GUYS HELP ME??? PLEASE @StarBabes @StephyBAP @xoxoaudra98 @kpopandkimchi @MattK95 @DancingPartytme @aabxo @jiggzy19 @poojas @PasstheSuga @VixenViVi @KpopGaby @swaqmasterbecky @SharayahTodd @Taijiotter @stevieq @Emealia @DianaCastaneda @robertakm64 @sugajin94 @StephanieDuong @shannonl5 @AngelJoong86 @deilig @chandnip804 @blazinpurplehl @AgentLeo @ErinGregory @DevonArce @aliciasalinas @adorkabledolly @daisyzheng02 @BluBear07 @baileykayleen @YasmineYoona @BlackXShield @JukiLove @namelessx @justmeplz1998 @tayunnie @MacyAppleton @sherrysahar @ocherrylimeadeo @DeadlyCyanide @kimleekwonshin @candyland1986 @amazingangelini @LiNaHyun @Anjelika @NinjaGirlEmber @BrookieyElba @szewwy @kimikodragon @ocherrylimeadeo @ParanormalPanda @felicityautumn @LaurenAntoine @LexiiIrrii @pizzacuresall @Rhia @LesleyRamirez @daznothephop @PrettieeEmm @AmbieB @XergaB20 @BangtangsArmy @ParkMeiFan @AimeeH @kyungsooselbow @majesticx @caitlind9898 @b2utyrisa @JustinaNguyen @aliciasalinas @baileykayleen @SarahWise @DevonArce @yehet27 @celesteyc @kimleekwonshin @SaraHawkins @veronicaArtino @B2STANG88 @adorkabledolly @warjeensuleiman @nykechun @jgallegos222 @DenieceSuit @ninachan @vicky1990 @StarBabes @StephyBap@xoxoaudra98 @kpopandkimchi @MattK95 @DancingPartytme @aabxo @jiggzy19 @poojas @PasstheSuga @VixenViVi @KpopGaby @swaqmasterbecky @SharayahTodd @Taijiotter @stevieq @Emealia @DianaCastaneda @robertakm64 @sugajin94 @StephanieDuong @shannonl5 @AngelJoong86 @deilig @chandnip804 @blazinpurplehl @AgentLeo @ErinGregory @DevonArce @aliciasalinas @adorkabledolly @daisyzheng02 @BluBear07 @baileykayleen @YasmineYoona @BlackXShield @JukiLove @namelessx @justmeplz1998 @tayunnie @MacyAppleton @sherrysahar @ocherrylimeadeo @DeadlyCyanide @kimleekwonshin @candyland1986 @amazingangelini @LiNaHyun @Anjelika @NinjaGirlEmber @BrookieyElba @szewwy @kimikodragon @ocherrylimeadeo @ParanormalPanda @felicityautumn @LaurenAntoine @LexiiIrrii @pizzacuresall @Rhia @LesleyRamirez @daznothephop @PrettieeEmm @AmbieB @XergaB20 @BangtangsArmy @ParkMeiFan @AimeeH @kyungsooselbow @majesticx @caitlind9898 @b2utyrisa @JustinaNguyen @aliciasalinas @baileykayleen @SarahWise @DevonArce @yehet27 @celesteyc @kimleekwonshin @SaraHawkins @veronicaArtino @B2STANG88 @adorkabledolly @warjeensuleiman @nykechun @jgallegos222 @JessAS @DeniseiaGardner @ailadimartinez @OrchidWonder
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Dongwoo from infinite used to be my Ub still very close to the top Along with Woohyun But after getting into Ikon my Ub is June but I also love Jinhwan just as much so they basically are both my Ub June is just a little higher on the list just because your list changes doesn't mean you love that person any less they will still be your bias just maybe not your ub but it doesn't change that you love them πŸ’—
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@B1A4BTS5ever we are on the same boat lol i just got into ikon 2 nd i am watching mix and match now i even watch win bcs i wanted to know more abt them lol but nooooo please yiu can't do dis BI hanbin is my bias too lol β€β€πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ lol best of luck because i am loving him more nd more every day 😍😘😘❀❀ he is sooooo awesome.
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Ayo. it totally happened with me. U-kiss's Soohyun was my ultimate bias for years. Literally years (I've been into kpop since early 2011) And only just recently I had to except that the one and only Cha Hakyeon is my ultimate. *sigh* I miss Soohyun sometimes but at least he's still number two and I mean DANG CHA HAKYEON X3
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i dont really think you need one ultimate bias. Rap Monster and G Dragon are my two ultimate biases. Xiumin from EXO is new to the list but he's a combo of Sungmin from super junior and G Dragon so i have the feeling he might add another to the list. Who says you just have to have one? :)
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I don't see why you can't have more than one. I have more than one, but there's one guy noone will ever surpass. EVER. So I guess he's considered the ultimate-Ultimate bias. Yeah I didn't think there was a rule, so I say embrace the guy that is choosing you πŸ˜‚
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