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Hiya Nakama!!!! So as you may know the month of March is the Month of March Madness! So in Honor of that my question for you is

If you could create an anime basketball team of five of any characters you wanted, who would you choose? The five important positions are.. -Point Guard -Shooting Guard -Small Forward -Power Forward -Center

So below are descriptions of each position and some prime examples of characters from Kuroko no Basket who play these positions! Enjoy! X)

Point Guard

Point guards are the root of every play! They are quick and diligent decision makers and are mindful of their surroundings and very meticulous on the court! They have the ability to see those little openings for passes past the defense so that their teammates can score! Shun Izuki is a wonderful Point Guard for Team Seirin! He also has the ability to use Eagle Eye that allows him to see such fine details and steal the ball from another player!

Shooting Guard

This position is a strong offensive position! They are powerful players that have the accuracy and control to make difficult shots, like three pointers (baskets from the 3 pt line)! They have he ability to turn the game around and build up the points! The best example of a shooting guard is the talented Shintaro Midorima from Team Shutoku! He is a master of freethrows and 3 pointers! Being a member of the Generation of Miracles, he has the uncanny ability to make such faraway shots with ease!

Small Forward

This position is held by a person who has the strength to be able to do all five positions but as fully. They are the very well-rounded player! The team can always count on them if they need a booster on defense or offense! Ryota Kise is a great character for this! He is another member of the Generation of Miracles and can mimic players' style and plays to a T! All he has to do is see the play once and he has the play down and replicated. Ryota Kise is skilled in all positions and is a strong backbone and supporter for his teammates!

Power Forward

As this position says, this player is a very powerful offensive and defensive player! They rule the court and can run the ball all the way down the court given the right play! They Are sneaky and evasive players that can try to deceive you and score. You can rely on them to aggressively get the job done and keep the energy up for the team!

Aomine Daiki (Team Too)and Kagami Taiga (Team Seirin) are truly HANDS-DOWN the two prime examples of a power forward! These two own the court when they enter the zone and can get past some of the best defenders! Once they enter the 'Zone' you can bet they will be invincible against the average player!


This player controls the area inside of the 3 point line. They are also a great offensive and defensive player. Yes height is an advantage for this position but not the most important factor. Timing and strategy gets they ball! Teppei Kiyoshi is a fantastic center! His Iron Grip can deflect, grab, and dunk any ball from the tallest and strongest opponents! He is a true base that Team Seirin can rely on when it comes to offense and defense!

Okay Thanks guys for reading! Make a card of you own and tag me in it with your team! Doesn't have to be characters from Kuroko No Basket. I just used them as a reference for you! I wanna see like Natsu, Naruto, or Luffy on your team!

@hikaymm @Danse thank you guys! You are wonderful! 馃挋
Yes i want to be tagged,a nd yes I'll try this tomorrow or something <3 <3 @tbell2
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BRW IN THE NCAA Michigan state lost today if I remember correctly
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