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(This week).

You know the deal by now, right? I'm thinking of two characters, one from Marvel and one from DC. I'll give you hints, and you'll guess in the comments! The answer will be revealed next week.
Character 1
Is canonically bisexual Based on a real-life musican
Character 2
Said "Any dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for." Caused the death of his twin

As a bonus: Who can tell me who the character in this image is? Comment and we'll see!

Did you guess last week?

Character 1 (here because of Ed Brubaker + multilingual) was James "Bucky" Barnes!
Character 2 (name is a pun + car with ??? plate) was E. Nygma aka the Riddler!
Everyone got the bonus correct! It was indeed Batman ^_^

Good luck this week!

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I believe I commented both characters on the last week's card (I'm sorry if I didnt but I got them right lol) 1. Constantine 2.Charles Xavier 3. captain america?
2 years ago·Reply
@GossamoKewen95 lol it's ok! The guessing is the fun for me :D
2 years ago·Reply
the bonus has got to be War Machine in his suit from Iron Man 3.
2 years ago·Reply
Oh yea the name then was Iron Patriot
2 years ago·Reply
Okay cool haha
2 years ago·Reply