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Because I can't just update one day at a time like a normal being. Entonces again hey days 9 and 10. This will be lengthy, 미안해요.
Day 9: If Jr is the omma, who is the appa? -JB would be of course, not just because he's the leader but he takes care of his members so well and that's a beautiful quality of an appa. So I found an amazing gif via Tumblr but I still don't know how to upload that via links but anyways its this one:
Just how adorable is that fanart...and JB just looks hot in that last one for eye candy purposes.
Day 10: Your first thoughts on GOT7.. -Them pics explain it all really, wow, eye candy, but wait who are you, and the 3rd explains my thoughts after seeing each one pop up on my screen and when Mark said his part in that fourth pic...that was it I just had to know more. So overall my first thoughts on GOT7: who are you and estás guapetón.
Finished!!!! Tagging my small knitted Vingle familia and chingus. @PrettieeEmm @luna1171 @VeronicaArtino @amobigbang @moonchild03 Besos!
I'm so happy you're enjoying this 😁
thanks for the tag