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Anime: Gintama❀

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@LuffyNewman This anime is one of my top 5 for funny and just like you said it need to continue One Piece/Naruto! So it would be awesome if you guys wrote letters to the producers because this show is too good to stop!
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@AimeBolanos I wouldn't hold anything to it if it needed to be done. When the last break happened I almost had a heart attack. Also the fact that many haven't seen Gintama makes me feel like they are missing out on so so so much!! Either way we will keep Gintama alive!! Also we need to get more followers for Gintama!! I believe @danae will be in charge, and I give full support so time to spread the word of Gin-San and the crew is what we will do NAKAMA!! Also both movies are not only amazing but probably the only 2 anime movies from 1 anime to be top rated and liked anime movies of all time!! So just goes to show!! Here's to a third Gintama movie sometime soon!!!
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@LuffyNewman Theres no doubt that @Danse will help make the Gintama community even more awesome and I hope people become more interested too! You will be great at it too!
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@LuffyNewman. Sadly Gintama will end. Hideaki Sorachi announced in Volume 63 that the series will be entering it's Final Arc. Sorachi is a huge troll, so how long the last Arc will be is questionable. All we can do is respect his decisions and faithfully follow through until that time comes. I'm seriously going to cry like a baby. No lie. 😭 Apparently the anime itself will end as soon as this month, as stated at the Gintama Haru Matsuri event. Confirmed by staff. No reasons were stated. Though I wouldn't be surprised if it resurfaced in the future. I've seriously dug up as much as I can, so at this point it is what is. It's the animes tenth anniversary. Tomokazu Sugita (Gintoki's Seiyuu) commented "The first step to the 11th year has already begun." *sigh* So many feelings....
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@Danse I figured where things were headed that it was going to be gettin to a final story arc. Although if like naruto, that could mean years to go, haha, I love naruto though made me grow more than any other. Point though I'll wait and bide my time and still keep with Gintama and never give up support even after it ends!! Yes the feels NAKAMA!!
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