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There are a few products that I can't live without, and those things include:
-A sturdy sports bra
-Water bottle
-Egg whites/ whole eggs
I used to be obsessed with my weight-lifting belt, but since I no longer competitively powerlift, that belt hasn't really been used. One thing I REALLY miss are my squat shoes. Since I do squat high-bar, my heels naturally raise up. I have been using plates under my heel, but I'd totally re-buy squat shoes.

What's a product you MUST have?

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@chriStole a supportive sportsbra is definitely important. Which reminds me, I need to buy a few more.
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@alywoah I'm pretty much at that point where all I care to wear is a sportsbra versus a traditional bra, especially since performance attire have gotten much more fashionable :p
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@chriStole YES SAME HERE. I wear sportsbras more than I do a traditional bra, mostly because it's just more supportive. When you wear really great sportbas, your realize how crappy regular bras can be lolll. Do you have a brand you prefer?
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@alywoah I don't have a preferred brand, I'll admit I'm more on the frugal side at least until I have more time to dedicate to being active. I pretty much shop for everything the same way: whatever catches my eye as comfortable, preferably on sale, & extra points for eye catching design, triple points if it's an active bra/underwear combo.
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1) water bottle 2) eggs 3) shakeology 4) my gold and white Nike's
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