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Kpop: who would you ship me with? (Game)

Facts about me: - I'm only 5'0. - I'm a tomboy who is also pansexual (meaning I will date any gender just depends on someone's personality.) - I'm a Leo and outgoing but shy when first meeting people. - loves making others smile but I'm also introverted and keeps things to myself. - I've played basketball since age 5 and I'm turning 20 this August. - I hate judgemental, racist, sexist and over jerk of people. - I love video games and drawing many things. - I put others before myself. - protective and loyal to those close to me. There you go! Looking forward to see who you ship me with. Comment who or tag me in a card! Thank you!
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i dont know many girl artists because im more into guy groups so i would say mark tuan from got7 because he is very humble and quiet himself
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