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Stunning? Beautiful? Gorgeous?

What adjective would you use to describe this two-tier masterpiece by celebrated cake studio, De la Creme. And I am happy to say that this cake isn't from Australia, Canada or some other place outside the United States! It's in St. Louis, Missouri! How about that?!
I think what I love most about this wedding cake is the brushed finish each of the rolled fondant tiers has. The top tier is a subtle rosy blush color that looks perfect atop the golden tier.
Set on a clear glass cake pedestal and embellished with a florals, this wedding cake is SPOT ON PERFECTION!
it is Simply Elegant. My daughter and I dabble with cakes also I have a Steampunk wedding coming up in October that I'm very excited about doing my daughter and I are more constructive type cake bakers. but the sight of your cakes are very elegant and exquisite thank you for sharing. I must say seeing your cake and our upcoming wedding has renewed our joy for cake baking and decorating . we had almost let our desires go because of other issues but this is a renewal thank you
a spectacular array of talent Simply Elegant
What a kind thing to say @buddyhollie63 :) I love the look of steampunk. Have you seen my Tier-Only Cakes Collection? I'm so glad that the cakes that I share renewed your passion for baking and creativity!!! I can only hope to inspire others. I'd love to see some of your cakes that you and your daughter create! Maybe share a card about them. :) :) :)
thanks for noticing @buddyhollie63 this is one of my favorite gold cakes