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Here's proof that your wedding centerpieces don't have to consist of $10,000 florals and rental items.
Instead, you can opt for a smattering of candles, some herbs and you're done!
As you can see in the photo above, the tablescape appears to be spot on with a look of elegance, beauty and completion.
What do you think of this look? It's a great way to create a delicate wedding look that's a cross between boho, rustic and coastal.
bunched together in heaps is stunning to look at, but the odor is revolting
@marshalledgar I didn't know that! I've never been a huge fan of it, anyway.
just try to avoid baby's breath, as it has a pungent smell on its own. hahaha
@marshalledgar I can agree with that! Some scented candles smell like perfume or cologne, and I can't handle them. Although, a light vanilla or sugar cookie scent might pair well with the fruity chamomile. I'd still probably just stick with unscented, though, just to be sure!
exactly @turtleyturtles 馃槀馃槂馃槃 just be sure to stuck to unscented candles as scented candles can conflict with the aroma of the food. plus, some are turned off by the smell of scented candles
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