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Alright, I'm going to do my absolute best to keep this spoiler-free. So I took my younger cousins to see Zootopia on Saturday (best way to see a kids film without looking like a creepy adult lol), and I ended up absolutely enjoying it. This was a really good film. I think what helps is that there wasn't too much hype so it didn't give you too many expectations AND the trailers kept the true plot secret...not too many trailers like that around.
1) The characters. The voices match up with each character perfectly and the characters themselves are quite relatable. Judy Hopps, a cute bunny (but don't say cute, that's only okay when it's said from one bunny to get it?) dreamed of becoming a police officer since she was young and grows up to become the first bunny cop. She's got a good heart, but, like most animals (and people), she still has some prejudice against predators. Nick Wilde, a fox, is a con artist who cheats people out of their money. But a look into his past shows that he wouldn't have turned out that way had others (prey) hadn't been cruel to him and treated him like a predator. That's right. It's not just predators, prey can be just as cruel. But it's not just these main characters. Others like Mayor Lionheart, Assistant Mayor Bellweather, Chief Bogo, Clawhauser, Mrs. Otterton, etc are all interesting and relatable. Judy's parents have to be my favorite minor characters because they're scared for Judy and really don't have that much faith in her as a cop, but become relieved when she starts off in a less dangerous role (which I will not tell) much to Judy's dismay. It's by that they don't care about her, they're just afraid that she, as a bunny, will get hurt by predators, which is where you can see Judy's prejudice comes from.
2) The diversity. Yes the diversity is good in this case because it's teaching children AND adults (for adults who still think like child 😏) about race and prejudice by interpreting it into prey and predators. That's really clever. Zootopia was built as a place where all animals of all sizes, prey AND predator, live together in harmony... at least that's the big pitch. In reality, they all do live together, but there's still discrimination....sound familiar? This is a smart way to convey these issues and how ignorance bites you in the ass. Not everyone is what you would expect. And let me also add that Gazelle (voiced by Shakira), a celebrity, hosts a protest at some point in the movie. It's a non-violent protest and she gives her voice about prejudice WITHOUT insulting either side of the situation. Some certain celebrities should take some notes about that. It's one thing to voice your opinion about something, but you shouldn't insult nor alienate another part of your audience.
3) The Sloth Scene. Yeah I know I'm talking about a SCENE but it's a scene that basically everybody knows if they've seen the trailer. It's still funny. You feel the rush f wanting to get this shit done and over with, but the sloths take forever and you just wanna strangle them!!! That's the DMV for ya! It's like they purposefully wanna make you miserable. If you've seen the trailer, you've seen this scene, but if you the movie, I promise you will still get a kick out of it.
4) The animation. It's just so pretty to look at. You know in Frozen how the snow looked like t could be a Christmas card? Zootopia has some very nice soft pastel colors while not afraid to go dark when the tone asks for it. It's just nice to look at. It's not too bright to give you a headache, but it's not too dull to make you sleepy. The city of Zootopia itself is just awesome. The animators put themselves into the animals' shoes and thought "how would I make this city beneficial for animals of all sizes?" They pulled it off. There's a mini city for smaller creatures like mice, there's an ice cream parlor served by elephants that give giant portions, the gerbil transportations are gerbil tunnels, etc. it's just so clever. Event the different sectors of the city are cool to look at and HOW they maintain those sectors! They have machines that blow out snow, heat, rain, etc for the proper climates sot hat all can live in harmony. My mind was just blown.
5) The comedy. Don't even get me started. Not only does Disney poke fun at their own movies as seen above lol, but they add a couple of adult humor... the appropriate kind, don't worry. There's references to Breaking Bad including blue merchandise and 2 animals with the names Walter and Jesse. Of course there's the Godfather joke (which you would already know if you saw the trailer), but it's done so good and so respectively to the famous film. Down to the littlest detail of the chair Mr. Biggs sits in that looks almost uncanny to the one in the film, the accent (despite the mousey squeak) almost passes for Marlon Brando's role, and the fact that it's his daughter's wedding is funny too. There's enough for adults and kids to be entertained by.
Alright so what wasn't so good? Not much. 1) I guess if I had to nitpick one thing it'd be that I knew who the villain was almost instantly. There was one particular scene that made me say "Oh, that's who's behind all this." Again, I won't say who it is because it may have been obvious to me but it may not for others and I don't wanna spoil anything. 2) I guess for some people, it can seem a bit preachy, but that's not what I go out of it. But for some people's sake, they may feel that the whole moral of the story about prejudice may be a bit preachy and think that it's too much. I don't, I think it's a perfect amount, but that's what others say so I'm just gonna throw that in. And that's it. I always put in what's good and what's not so good because in my belief that "there is no such thing as a perfect movie" and I stand by that. Everyone has a different take on a film....but I can't, for the life of me, think of something that WASNT good. This just may be my own "perfect" movie. Perhaps if I saw it again my perception might change but....don't have time to see it again.
In conclusion, WATCH THIS MOVIE. Omg people it is really good. I underestimated it. When I asked my older cousin if I could take her kids (my little cousins) to see Zootopia, she said they saw it already but were more than willing to see it again and I can see why because I wanna see it again! It's a family film that's enjoyable to both the kids and the adults. And for a subject like this to come from DISNEY??? That's saying a lot.
I tried my very best to keep this spoiler-free because this is a movie you HAVE to see and not be told about. However, if you have seen the movie and wanna talk spoilers...ask me to do a spoiler review and I'll have that put up on Thursday, but only if enough people ask me to. Also what do you want me to review next week? Something old? Something new? Something good? Something bad? Let me know in the comments. If I don't get any requests by Thursday, I'll give out 2 options and you can vote which one. K? Fair? Goodie.
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I really want to see this movie but you've made me want to watch it even more!!!
my friend has been wanting to see this all month haha. Glad to know you liked it! As for requests... have you seen Creed yet? I've been meaning to but I'm late XD
fantastic review again @redapple615. I'm going to have to see this movie
I liked it
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