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The official Red Band trailer for Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's adult animated feature released today and I can gladly say that it's definitely a movie that is coming out that stars a lot of the comedians that people find funny in a situation that's absolutely absurd.
And that's about it, really. I don't know if I'm pretentious [I am] or if my tastes are just changing but I have no interest in seeing what the full cut of this movie looks like. And I'm going to be honest with you, I didn't watch this trailer just to be mean about it on the Internet for literally no one.
I was honestly hoping I'd get at least one laugh but I didn't. I think I'm just tired of this brand of humor. I can see a younger me eagerly awaiting this movie's release but as the years gone on, I feel like I find other things more funny.
And as weird as this is about to sound, that doesn't mean I'm not interested in it. I'm not sure if it'll "do well" at the box office or anything. But I'm sure I'll be hearing about it from friends or friends of friends or coworkers. And part of me is just curious about how people feel about this movie.
I want to know who the types of people are that absolutely enjoy this kind of humor. I'm not going to insult them or anything, I just want to know who likes this stuff. Mostly so I know ahead of time that I should probably avoid these people because their sense of humor is entirely different than mine.
Sausage Party will be in theaters eventually.
honestly talking food crosses the line from funny to creepy pretty fast for me, so I'm gonna say this one is a hard no for me
I can see what you mean @ paulisadroid I'm not sure what kind of humor we have today and how it fits with today's trend. For me, it's gotten boring now; there's no proper meaning behind humor and it tries to be more absurd and catchy and redundant.
I'm going to see this. People at work were wondering why I was laughing so hard. It's like the anti Toy Story and it reminded me of South Park when it first came out. There weren't any cartoons with foul language and questionable subject matter. Those South Park kids looked like something that should have been on Nick. It's the same with this. You see something computer generated and you think of something cute and a adventure to be had. Then Mr. Potato gets skinned. It's not what we've come to expect from something that looks like this. And, the composers from The Little Mermaid did the score. That and the Twinkie sold me.