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1st Ending for @KpopFangirl15 {Beginning here} Jungkook sat up, leaning against the cold dull wall. He looked forward, with his mind racing, yet it was blank. He brushed against his cheek with his cold fingers in trying to feel anything, his sweater no longer giving him the warmth needed. He felt the coldness that was supposed to make him flinch, but it didn't seem that way, which scared him. Maybe he's just sick and he'll be better the next day. He must've been out of it for a long time, for some of the puddles seemed to have dispersed even if the temperature was low. With tired and aching limbs, he pushed himself off the ground, stumbling as he did and leaned against the wall for support. He didn't care about where he was going or what he was doing, in fact he wasn't paying attention anymore. Was this what it has come to? What lead him to be like this? What if all this was just a dream- a never ending dream? His feet moved sluggishly on their own without command. A bright light emitted from the left side. He turned his head ever so slightly and saw a car coming towards him. He stopped moving and just stared, making no attempt to move as he stared at the figure closing in. He was screaming in his mind, but it came out as whispers without meaning. The car didn't seem to stop as it kept going A constant speed. Was he invisible? In the blink of an eye he was on the ground, blinking frantically and trying to move, but weight was pressed against him. He looked down and was met with dark colored hair. His first reaction was to jump, but even now his body wouldn't budge. His eyes skimmed down to her face, but he couldn't make out her features. She sat up slightly, and looked at the staring boy. Her eyebrows furrowed together, was he trying to kill himself? She stood up and extended her arm out to Jungkook. Staring back at her, he realized that it was the girl of his dreams- the one he's been dreading to hold. Park Min Yeon. He quickly took, feeling the familiar feeling of how She makes him feel. The first feeling other than madness and nothingness, He felt it. That slight happiness of when he grabbed her arm, he wanted to more. Not the sexual kind, the kind where they're just in each other's arms  talking about nothing and everything. But did she feel the same? She looked at him and prepared to scold him, but she was quickly engulfed in his arms; Jungkook couldn't help himself anymore. She blinked and remained stiff as she tried to control her rapidly beating heart. After a few seconds, she wrapped her arms around him, and buried her head in his chest. Feeling satisfied, Jungkook smiled and tightened his grip around her. Her warmth emitted something in him- something he couldn't comprehend; he wasn't going to complain though, for it made him feel good. “Don't ever try to leave me again, please.” she mumbled. “I… Leave you? I would never; only until you let me go, will I Leave.” His eyes stung; feeling the tears coming, he buried his face in her wet soaked hair. She pulled away When she heard him sniff. Minyeon’s hands immediately went up to his face and wiped his tears away. Her warm palms against his cold bruised skin, was enough to send his already fast beating heart on a frenzy. They stared at each other, Not having to say anything as they were able to tell what the other was feeling. Jungkook felt his insides flipping and he was pretty sure that he was blushing. Minyeon on the other hand was feeling slightly guilty, She could have been there instead of running away from him all because she can't love; at least that's what she thinks. However, the longing stare he gave her, was enough to get her own heart beating. She didn't miss the feeling of his hand on hers, and her wanting more. She smiled at him and she gently grabbed his hand and intertwined their fingers; he may have been covered in dirt and smelled like the outside (not the good kind) but that didn't stop her or him to see that in that moment, they knew that they would be alright as long as they're together.
I love it!!!!!!
@abby177 Haha thank you.~
this is g8 keep up the good work m8
So cuteeeeeeee ;)
@MichelleIbarra that was really good. i missed the first part so i wasn't able to guess who it was, but I really like this :D
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