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I used to feel a certain way towards carbohydrates.

I believed they are what caused my weight gain and ruined my life. But as I started learning more about food, and the great things that carbs can actually offer -- I changed my perspective (and I ultimately started having a healthier relationship with food).

1 - Carbs Won't Make You Gain Weight

There's a lot of misconceptions about weight gain and weight loss. Yes, what you put in your mouth (and how much you put into it) does affect your ability to lose, gain, or sustain your weight, but carbohydrates aren't exactly the culprit for your not reaching your goals. There can be a variety of reasons from an underlying health issue, to consuming far more calories than what we are expending. Now that I am eating more carbs, I have actually seen my weight drop (yay!)

2 - Carbs Keep Me Feeling Satisfied

Carbohydrates like potatoes and oats can really help you feel very satisfied. Did you know that a medium potato is ONLY about 100 calories? They are super filling, and very low in calories - which is a win-win if you're trying to shed some weight.

3 - Helps Keep Me Energized

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for our bodies. So when I had cut carbohydrates from my diet, I was always exhausted. I couldn't focus and I didn't want to move very much. I was essentially a human zombie (does that even make any sense!?) When I had introduced a high-carb diet a few weeks ago, I became more alert and alive (BONUS: AND LEANER)!
Fun fact: when you cut out carbohydrates, your body will actually start using fat and PROTEIN for energy.

4 - Carbohydrates Contain Fewer Calories Gram-for-Gram Than Fat

Did you know that carbohydrate provides 4 calories per gram, protein provides 4 calories per gram, and fat provides 9 calories per gram? There are more calories per gram in fat, than there is in carbohydrates. This can be useful knowledge if you're trying to reduce you caloric intake.

5 - Carbohydrates Are Good For Our Overall Health

Carbohydrates like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and beans can provide a wealth of health benefits. That includes preventing heart disease and stroke. Some of these carbs like beans are rich in protein, complex carbs, fiber, and B vitamins.
Fun fact: fiber helps with reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. It also helps with curbing hunger, and lower blood sugar.
Wow I'm surprised!
Everyone's body is different. I function really well on low carbs, but others might not be the same. I know I can't have carbs in the morning or I'm left feeling hungry all day - I also end up with a headache. It's important to test different items to see what foods work best with your body!
if your daily carbs is lower than your needs, your body will burns your protein at first place in order to produce energy, cause your body needs Lcarnitine (you can get it by eating protein) to burn fat
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh @marshalledgar not only are they loaded with sodium, but they deep fried in oil that have trans fat and other bad shit lol.
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