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These results are the aftermath of the screenshot game made by @AlexErica Here's the link:
Alright so Yoongi has been my best friend since childhood... I wonder how he stand me xD
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh shoot... Why is it always me and the best friend falling in love? I'm guessing it's because I would be more comfortable with them?
Wait... Jimin loved me?.. Yet Yoongi said to me "I love you".. So basically Jimin has been dealing with unrequited love but with me while Yoongi confessed?? Or am I making this into a Kdrama scenario xD
How would be able to help me if he is also confusing me?..;-;..
Awwww that's sweet of him tbh..
And dang... >////< my friend Min is gonna kill me but aye what would you know haha ^^''
@Miss148 true he is setting the bar high and he isn't even my bias but aye that's how life rolls haha
yoongi is setting some high standards here