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The second season of Marvel's Daredevil premieres at the end of this week and to celebrate (or promote) that, Netflix released a final trailer recently and it hits all the right "show is almost here" notes.
Oh, you don't know what the "show is almost here" notes are? Well, let me explain. Most, if not all, of us who are interested in the show have seen everything there is to see about the second season of the popular Netflix series. We looked at all the set photos of Frank Castle beating up those dudes, we hung out in real-life Hell's Kitchen hoping to see the real Daredevil, and we painted all of our leather suits red.
So this trailer, in terms of trailers anyway, is not that great for us diehard fans of the show/comic book character.
It's filled with bits of action, vague moments story beats (the moments that reference a war going on), and there are some sexual moments (like that quick shot in the boxing gym). We get it, things happen on this show.
I know I sound like I'm dismissing this trailer like we didn't even really need it. But it's a great reminder for all of us that this show is premiering in three days. Even though everything that happens in the trailer can basically be summed up by "well, whatever", it still increases that excitement meter I have in my belly.
I'm still super pumped about this show, though. And Friday couldn't come any faster.
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just gonna stare at my watch for the next three days